Just joined this forum. I hope to learn something here, as I could really use some help. I have just started to attempt to make my own DVD’s from clips I have downloaded online. I am a Linux user, so have limited choices as what to use. If I ask a stupid question, please have patience with me.


To burn a DVD in X-CD-Roast, you have to set a media size greater than 1 GB in the media selection drop box, you must have a DVD-Writer, and you need a plugin as well as a DVD-key. The rest is the same, X-CD-Roast switches automatically from burning CDs to burning DVDs. Then download the plugin and the DVD-key. The plugin is named cdrecord-ProDVD. It is used in addition to cdrecord. Cdrecord is the library used to burn usual CDs. With the latest releases of cdrecord-ProDVD, as well CD-R/RW as DVD-R/RW are now supported…