Keeps slowing down while scanning?


could anyone please suggest me why my BenQ DW1655 keeps slowing down when scanning above 8x in CDSpeed? while doing DQ/ADQ tests that is… if i do speed test it doesnt slow down, only while doing quality tests… it slows down then gets back to full speed. Even on best quality discs :expressionless:

thank you.

This is a known problem in the firmware, There is nothing you can do about it. It is something that has been discussed at lenght here.:iagree:

It’s a quirk that many of us have noticed.

I don’t know why they do it, but both my 1650s do it, my 1640 (flashed with external firmware) doesn’t…

If you do a search of the BenQ forum for “drive slowdowns” or “scanning slowdowns” or something, you may find the original (really long) thread where it was discussed.

Edit: Haha, Alan snuck in first :bigsmile:

oh, that’s what i wanted to know! so there’s nothing wrong with my setup then! nice.

does it happen only with BCIB or with all other 1655 fws aswell?

well i guess i can try to look myself :slight_smile:

Happens with all that I’ve used. And also happens with 1650 and later firmwares from 1640. scanning with 8x P-CAV mode makes it happen more for me. Standard 8x scans sometimes will only do a few dips at the start or second half…