Keeping Widescreen format with backups?



Newbie question here. I am using the latest versions of Anydvd, DVDshrink, and DVD Decrypter. It seems that widescreen movies that I back up are not keeping the widescreen format. Most of the backed up movies seem to be stretched to fit the screen when I play them on a home dvd player. Is there something I am missing in these programs that allow me to keep the widescreen format. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


more than likely it’s your dvd player not set on the right screen format.I would enter the setup menu(video) of the dvd player and change it to the 4:3 setting and it should fix it.I’ve done this many times with my dad’s Pioneer.He likes fullscreen so when I get him a widescreen flick I enter the setup menu and make it fullscreen.