Keeping two burners together



I have a NEC ND1000A that’s getting a bit lon in the tooth so I bought a NEC2500A. Right now I have the 1000 and a DVD Rom reader set up together. The 1000 is the master on the IDE channel and the Rom Reader the slave. I was contemplating putting the 2500A in place of the ROM Reader and keeping the original DVD Burner in the machine as a Backup. This would make the 2500A the slave on the channel. Do you guys see any potential problems in doing this? I would only be using the 2500A unless something forces me to use the other burner…


I feel it may not be a problem, rather have the 2500 as master then the older as slave, i have a 2500 as sec master to a plex 708 as slave with no problems, plex actually likes it there.
Every mobo has it’s own quirks so you can only try it and find out!


Yes it should work… but eh I would reconsider throwing out the DVD-ROM. Both the 1000 and 2500a aren’t that good readers, so if you have a good DVD-ROM I’d rather leave it in and throw the 1000a out (unless you have a spare IDE connector of course). With the 2500a installed, I doubt if you’ll ever use the 1000a again. I don’t think so, when looking back at my past… :wink: