Keeping track of CDs written / NeroHistory.log


I’m trying to keep track of the number of CDs recorded using Nero for an
internet cafe. The information needed is the date and time a cd is written
as well as what type of cd it is. I’m currently trying to extract the data
from NeroHistory.log, which brings up a few issues. Anyway, I have several

  1. Is there any available software that can get the data I need?
  2. I assume every CD written gets logged to NeroHistory.log but I’m constantly
    coming short (ie the number I extract from NeroHistory.log is always less than
    the number that they’ve taken down manually)
  3. When does Nero rotate NeroHistory.log (in my case it seems to be pretty much
    random). Is there any deterministic formula for this and is there any way I can
    get notification when Nero is about to do this?

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.