Keeping title menu and movie only

i have done a search on this board but can’t find any tutorial or info on how to just have the title menu and film only on one disc.
i would like to keep just the title menu and film only on 1 dvd disc without all the trailers and extras on the dvd if i can.
can anyone point me in the right direction.

Sure. Click “Copy DVD Title”. In the next window click “keep Menus”. A few more “next” clicks and you’re done.

thanks for quick reply but i think my version is different to yours i have version 3.9 and there are no next clicks just a start button at the bottom where it just starts to rip the disc.

ahh this is the forum for the clonedvd from elby. clonedvd is the latest version and it’s far superior to the piece of junk that you bought.

i don’tthink we can help you here other than to recommend you get your money back and purchase the REAL clonedvd at as opposed to buying a piece of software that often doens’t work from a company that plays off of the name of a more successful software program.

damn how can it have the same name.
didn’t realise there were 2 different programs

Actually I had written tech support about that very thing, two software with same name before I thought about buying.
Here is their response.

Thank you for your message.

There is a Chinese company residing in Peking that has stolen our branded
product name and releases a third-class copy program under it on We cannot stop them abusing the name CloneDVD because they are backed by Chinese
authorities and cannot be sued.

Kind regards

Sorry to hear of your misfortune, but all is not lost.
You may want to read this thread and file for a refund.
Simply tell them the program does not work for you.
Get the refund and buy CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD from, then have 40.00 left over.

i am gutted
bloody chinese rip off merchants i naturally assumed it was the right and only program i have heard about.
i have downloaded the trial version of the REAL!!! program and it is brilliant but do you have to rip the files to hard drive first all the time and then process them.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by ripping to the hard drive first then processing.
When Clone DVD rips to the hard drive, it is in the stage of processing.

You should have AnyDVD running, it removes the copy protection, then Clonedvd processes the files, compressing as neccessary and writing the compressed files to your hard drive. Once on the hard drive it burns them.

You can do what is called burning on the fly, that is you need a DVD reader in addition to a DVD burner. You can have the reader read the DVD and set the target as your drive letter for the burner.
This process is not reccomended since things can go wrong and your left with a coaster.

i only have a dvd burner and an old plex cd writer so is that why i can’t use clone dvd to rip the film.
at the moment i am using dvd decryptor to rip the files to the hard drive and then using clone to process them.

you can stil use clonedvd to rip. instead of setting the output mode to dvd writer (like you would when you burn), just set it to “files” or “.ISO” and it will rip the dvd to your hard drive.

then you pop a blank in, and use “write existing data” to burn.

I’d imagine it would actualyl be faster this way because you’re ripping and transcoding at the same time then you simply have to write the file whereas with decrypter, you do a full rip, then oyu do a full transcode separately with clone, THEN burn.

I don’t see the problem. elby CloneDVD works fine with just one drive. Try it.

I’ve used CloneDVD 2 on my one drive laptop to copy DVDs with great success.

sorted just needed to play with the program a bit more.
very impressed with the outcome of keeping the menu’s and movie only,i used to use shrink just to take the main movie so as soon as you pop the dvd in the player it is to auto run.
thanks for everyones help.