Keeping subtitles from DVD to an AVI

Hey Everyone,

A little gudiance would be appreciated,

I am currently helping a film festival I work for and trying to upload some short films online,

The short films originally come on DVD

I can use DVD Shrink to convert them to ISO/VOB Files and then Convert Vob to Avi to get them to AVI’s. Then I can upload to Vimeo

But, when the subtitles aren’t hardcoded, I lose them all the time and need them on the final avi so they can be seen on the AVI I uplaod online,

Can anyone give me advice on how to make sure the subtitles that are on the films on the DVD also end up on the AVI that goes online?

Any help would be much appreciated,

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Laurence Boyce

If these particular disc(s) aren’t protected, you could use AutoGK and include the subs…
If the subs aren’t hardcoded, you need to first extract them with say, PGCDemux and then in AutoGK import them(browse) ‘External Subs’ tab, to hardcode them into the finished AVI…
Try it and good luck!..

Im afraid it doesn’t work,

I used PGCDemux to pull the .sup files out of the IFO,

But when I use AGK, I can go to the .VOB file and it will read it and the audio stream to prepare for converting to .avi

But when I click the ‘External Subtitles’ option, I can’t do anything with the .sup files at all and it can’t find them and can;t do anything with at all…

Thanks for the advice so far, much appreciated

Actually, I managed to do after that, because I was being dumb.

But, it did warn me that ‘External Subs’ can;t be seen in standalone media players. Does this mean that the subsequent .avi will have the subs hardcoded or will they still have to be turned off and on (i.e. within VLC).

If so, will I be able to upload them with the subtitles online?

Anyone had any experience?

Many thansk again

That’s b/c not all standalone DVD players support AVI playback…
The AutoGK finished avi will/should have the subs hardcoded…
Why don’t you just try it out for yourself…And you [I]will[/I] have gained the " experience"…

Isn’t there a “Preview” function in AutoGK? It may take a few minutes to load, but you should be able to see hard encoded subtitles this way before going to the trouble of the complete encoding job.