Keeping Menus but getting rid of extras

hi all

i have seen many guides and utils thay work great

but i was woundering how do you keep the menus but get rid of the extras

e.g Gladiator i keep the menus becasue theres no ro littile extras on it becasue its on disk 2

now back to the future has 1.2 gig of extras on it i want to be able to keep the menus but get rid of the extras so this giving me more space for the main movie the only thing i dont understand is that how can you keep the menus but get rid of the extras i think some menus are in the same vobs as the extras ??? how can you do this


search the forum before asking.


One word: IFOedit.

Although, I can’t avoid the temptation to ask you why you want to keep the menus if you’re going to dump the extras, anyway. Why have a menu which has buttons on it that don’t work, because there’s no program chain to access? If you REALLY want to keep the movie quality as high as possible, then use DVD2ONE to make a “movie only” version. Your chapter points will be preserved and accessable via your remote control, as well as subtitles and different soundtracks (dir. comments, ect). It’ll play like a VHS tape, but with options you only get with DVD.