Keeping It Cool -- Office Refrigerator

I would appreciate some advice on this:

I work in a graphics department that gets lots of artwork on cds and dvds from clients. We have about 2000 cds/dvds right now and our collection is continually growing. Right now we are keeping the cds in fat cd wallets and keeping them on bookshelves in the back room. We copy most files to our server, then the cd/dvd is kept as a back up and cataloged for searching.

Unfortunately, it gets hot as hell in our office during the summer, up into the 80’s (F) even with the AC on. We get lots of sunlight as well.

Recently, 3 DVDs went bad on us (luckily after we had already gotten our data off of them). The were different brands, burnt on different machines in other cities, etc. A real mystery, so our IT guy was thinking that it was the heat causing damage.

We were thinking of buying a refrigerator and controlling the temperature that way. Does anyone know of a more “professional” option? Or a better idea?

Thanks for your help!

Well the heat probably did it. You should keep cd/dvd in a cool dark place. I dont know if it would do anything to the dye if it did get to cold

You said they were in the back room so I will asume they are Not in direct sunlight. As you know direct sunlight will Fade out anything over time, my car color for instance.

How about a free standing and portable AC unit that you can roll into the back room, they cost several hundred dollars but it may work for you. It will probably help keep the humidity down also.