Keeping dvds Horizontally or Vertically

I just put all my dvd backups in these … and was wondering if it would be okay to keep my binder horizontally. Has anyone ever had any problems with crushing your DVDs because of the weight? Can anyone also confirm whether or not this type of media storage is safe to be used over a long period of time?

I would assume there’s no problem keeping CDs/DVDs in those, as someone recommended to me once that I store them in a DVD wallet/binder. The only other thing to remember is to keep them in a cool, dark place, out of direct sunlight and away from huge extremes in temperature and humidity. Generally storage inside a house (that’s usually climate controlled anyway) is fine. As for stacking or laying the wallets/binders flat, so long as nothing heavy is on top of them, I don’t see what putting them on their side or flat would be a problem. The other alternative is using slim jewel cases; while those are stackable, they also slide around if you try to handle many at one time. Anyway, I see no problem with how you’re storing them.

oh, i see. Thanks.

I have read on the package that all media should be stored vertically.

that’s quite interesting. Was that a Case Logic package, or what specifically? I can understand the logic of it, as stored vertically means you probably won’t stack anything on them, nor will the dvds/cds weight weigh on each other. Thanks for sharing that. :wink:

supposively unbranded. but its exactly like the case logic stuff.

The only reason I’ve ever read on not storing DVD’s Horizontally, was that moisture/condensation builds on the underside more easily than if Vertical.(in Jewel Case) I think its all just splitting hairs though.

My opinion - storing in sleaves is not as good as storing on spindles. When stored on spindles, only the hub of the disk is touching anything. The part of the DVD/CD that is written to touches nothing but air.