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So when I rip one of my movies I have been following a quide which shows how to use DVD Shrink to re-author to get just the movie and the audio, no extras, no subtitles, etc…then burn with DVD Decrypter

My question is, I personally prefer the imaging of DTS over AC3, so how do I keep both and be able to choose which the movie plays using, normally I would choose one or the other by going into the setup portion at the main menu, but now that i am ripping only the main movie, I don’t have that option anymore. And I haven’t tried ripping one without AC3 and only DTS yet, but would it play the DTS without having to be told since it is the only audio track available? I would like to be able to have both and be able to choose somehow without keeping all the menu’s.

How do I overcome this minor annoyance?


If you just rely on the “audio” button on your remote, you can choose between the two without menus. Remember, if you only have DTS, they won’t play on any machine not DTS compatible with an amp that is also DTS.


yeah, i am good as far as playback hardware compatibility, hrm, gonna try that then, thanks

i do have another question if you dont mind going slightly off topic

in dvd shrink, in settings, under the preview tab, i can choose sys default, vmr-9, vmr-7, overlay mixer and built in software renderer

i am wondering if i am not getting the full use of my video card, a 6600GT, perhaps it would go faster if i used something other than the “system default renderer”?

reason i ask is about 2 out of 5 times during the encoding process, dvd shrink comes up with an error, something about parameters, and it makes me have to totally start over, rather annoying when encoding takes 10-15 minutes


transcoding (and its performance) has nothing to do with your video card. if you can give details on the error, maybe someone can properly diagnose the problem.


The speed of Shrink depends on 90% on the CPU speed with the rest being RAM. Shrink likes 512MB over 256 but little is gained from having 1GB.

Using Reauthor mode. If you want both Dolby Digital (AC3) and DTS jsut select both. Then if you want the second audio track to be the default. Use an option called “set default streams”. This is found by right mouse clicking the title in the left pane. Then choose DTS or whatever as the default audio. The default language subtitle stream can also be chosen.


yeah, okay, well i am running a 3.8Ghz Prescott P4, with 1Gig of DDR533 memory, using 7200rpm SATA drive with 8Mb cache, i dont think there are any holdups here

i did find that all i had to do was leave both AC3 and DTS streams on there and while playing back simply hit the audio button on my DVD player remote and it changes on the fly, nice, thanks for the help guys

as for the DVD shrink error, one time it says something about a parameter, the next time it says something about a programming error…i think it is still in beta for sure


That doesn’t mean something is wrong with Shrink. What DVD’s was it? There is usually another reason for programming errors like a DVD with ArcoSS protection.

I bet if you ripped with DVD Decrypter first, you won’t get that error.


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