Keep up the good work guys!


keep it up guys…




Yes, go on like this we like this site, we adore it, we … we … all words of greatenes here

Just sadd al the msg are gone, but hé, just have to fill it up once more

keep on going guys!!


Glad to see this “great” forum back. I missed it and I know for sure I’m not the only one.

Well lets just fill it up again with lots of messages and knowledge.



Right, the last fews days I felt like an adict feels after he runs out of carstereo’s.

Great the forum is back.




felt very f*cking depressed…happy now…




Easily the best forum of its kind, despite its regrettable crash. Definitely keep doing what you guys are doing. I forsee a Microsoft-like domination of the warez scene, and well-deserved, too. I would like to know more about the crew, ie their politics.


Thanks to all of you, it’s not on our mind to stop