Keep the menu copy main movie only

How do I copy just the main movie and keep the menu?
I’m using Aiseesoft Blu-ray copy.

Why not go to the software site. I never heard of this software. here is link.

If you’d like some free, alternative methods of doing this, I can keep this thread in the Newbies.

If you’d prefer to talk to the Aiseesoft representatives here at MyCE, I can move this into their subforum.

Your choice.

Yes I’d prefer you moved it to that forum!

Thanks for the thought, but the software doesn’t offer you that kind of functionality.
I have pre-ordered the new superman blu-ray: if I back it up I don’t want to just play it without the ability to run the menu, that way I can control my progress and get rid of the stupid REALLY ANNOYING previews.
I want to play the movie my way: I bought the damned thing!

There are ways of doing this with free software, but cannot be discussed in the Aiseesoft subforum.

If interested, start a thread in our Video Editing forum.

Hey Kerry , 22Graham22 would probably have prefered this thread in just the Movie copy software forum. So any software could be discussed. He just didn’t know being new.
I haven’t worked with blu-ray so I don’t know how any of the software including Aiseesoft works for movie only with menu.

Since these are for DVD I don’t see a conflict.
Is there a menu creator for blu-ray that works to add a “new” menu to a "movie only " rip ?
Like DVDStyler or TitleWriter for DVD.

There are a couple of different ways to keep a menu, or add one in to a movie only blu ray backup. But the tools I would use are not made by Aiseesoft.

But as I said before, if 22Graham22 wishes to discuss this, he is free to start a new thread in the Video Editing forum, or the Newbies or in the main forum of Movie copy software.

Hi, I’m just whining about the Aiseesoft software, you pay for it and it doesn’t have that basic functionality built in, most others do. I feel they should address it quickly.
I ripped a disc using other software, it worked ok, I had a fast menu, the original messed up and the muxing software left the disc sitting for an era before moving onwards in the movie! Not a success! Maybe my laptop was too busy with other tasks?