Keep that old working optical drive

OK so this is why you dont get rid of those older optical drives unless they dont work

first let me saw I have up to date firmware and on the 223F I am using the hacked firmware - or patched firmware whatever

there is something that is referred to as a “wagle track” - I havent found out much about this on Google, but the engineers I have talked to at sony where they make optical media (my dad knows people and I got to tour the plant) - maybe it is just a nick mane for the TOC on a disc, not sure I didnt ask them the were busy and I just stood around for about 5 min while they talked about things and tried to figure out things - I asked a few questions but them I had to move on

but I do know that my newer optical drives cant read CD’s that are 10 years old or more and cant read most older CD-R media - further more CD’s burnt using these newer drives are having problems playing in my Kenwood KDC-X859 head unit in my car as well as other ones I have tried, they skip and stuff

they are 2 newer Samsung drives the SH-S223F and the SHS162A (my NEC ND-3500AG works fine) and CD’s put in these drives are not recognized and show up as no disc in drive or something like that - now a old Yamaha CRW-F1 cd burner reads them fine but the disc burnt by this Yamaha drive is not readable in my newer Samsung drives at all, but the NEC reads it fine and my car cd player reads it fine also

well the engineers I talked to said that older drives were more tolerant of this “wagle track” weather it was 1.2-1.8 microns apart from the track width - newer drives arent so tolerant with this it has to be between 1.6-1.8 microns and if not then it will refuse to read the disc if the track varies in width to much, reporting no disc or blank disc even though it isnt

I can confirm this as being a problem - I have worked with 100’s of optical drives in my day and had all sorts of problems where one wont read something that another will - always it was always the newer drives that couldnt read older things and always the older drives that couldnt read discs created by newer drives

so in short dont get rid of those older optical drives if they still work, you never know when you have to pull oue oue and use it to read something or to burn something