Keep menus, remove extras?

i’ve been looking for a while, and tried searching these forums… for a program that will let me rip and burn a dvd [doesn’t HAVE to burn. i can nero that.] keeping the menus and movie but removing the extra features. it would be even better if it let me choose which special features i could keep [like keep deleted scenes], and which i could delete [and remove interviews and crap]. i’ve tried a bunch of different programs and nothing seems to work. i downloaded the cloneDVD trial, and it doesn’t look like it does what i want, although, i might have missed it.

any help would be greatly appriciated. :bow:

also, as long as i’m here, i’m looking for a pgm that can assign a region to a region free dvd burn. i have a couple movies that just won’t play on either of my sony dvd players, but play fine on my [region free] xbox, so i think the problem is that i need to rip these dvd’s assign a region, then burn them. think that’ll work? :tup:

First of all Clonedvd should do this, removing extras, menus etc, you’ve there preferences
or options to show you what you need und what not, just uncheck things like menu or
different languages, subtitles etc… An alternative to clonedvd is Dvdshrink, where you can do the same things, with example reauthor option and selecting the files you’d like
to have! If you’d like to have a region free disc, you could use Anydvd or DvdRegionfree.
But if you check your discs and they’ve all the same region, then the read playback failed, caused by the media, if it’s so i’d try another media brand like TY! :wink:

i’ve been using dvd shrink for a while but you only have two options with it: burn the whole dvd, or burn just the movie. but you can’t have the menus when you reauthor… it translates them to straight video.

so in clonedvd, how do i tell which files are the menu, and which are the extras and which are the movie? there is no way to preview, and there’s no way to tell by file size really [cept for the actual movie file].

CloneDVD ( does allow you to preview the titles. Choose the second option Clone DVD and enable the “Preserve menus” option to keep the menu’s intact. Now you can enable and disable the titles you don’t want. You can see via the preview what the contents of the title are. See this screenshot for an example:

For a CloneDVD manual you can visit

oh. i don’t have 2. just the first one. is there a trial for the second version? cause i didn’t see one.

disregard. ill just buy it.

That download link is for the full version which will work for 30 days if you don’t register it. You can also download it via (the versions are the same).

You can use in combination with Clonedvd, a little tool called MenuShrink, it allows you
to shrink the menu to a few megs, so you’ve more space for the main movie compression!

DVD shrink allow you to retain all DVD menu removing all extras.

  1. select Full Disc

  2. remove all audio undesidered features (for example director’s comments or foreign languages)

  3. select all undesidered extras (usually, on the left panel, a folder named “extras”)

  4. select “still pictures” or “still image” from the box on the right panel

In this way DVD shrink substitute all extras with a defaul image if you select “still pictures” or with an image chosen by you if you select “still image”

In this way you should have the full DVD with menu without extras

hope this can help

I use DvdRemakePro. It’s a great program and not expensive.
You can get it here.

You can also use vobblanker to do what you want to. Get it here:
Not only will it keep your menus but you can use it to remove FBI warnings, change PAL to NTSC or vice versa (doesnt change the frame rate though), cut out unwanted audio (which also adds to disc size) and a lot of other things that are over my head. The best thing is its free.

wow! thanks for all the help y0!!!