Keep menus, lose titles (dvdshrink)?

i want to copy a DVD9 and keep all the menus but lose certain titles (to improve compression and quality). is this possible (preferably with dvdshrink or some easy to use program)?

also, is it possible to find out which audio streams do what? for this dvd there are like 7 audio streams and i deleted all those that i >thought< were the ones i didn’t want, but when i played the movie, i ended up deleting all but the director commentary.

basically this is what i want to do:

  1. keep the menus (namely the chapter select stuff)
  2. keep only the main title
  3. keep only the main audio stream, and menu audio stuff
  4. ditch all extras and other audio

is this possible with dvdshrink? if not, is it possible with some other easy to use program?

thank you.

With shrink you can choose the option still pictures for the unwanted
titles, if you want to keep the menues there is no possiblity to leave
the unwanted titles away completly with shrink… but still pictures
don’t need much space

regarding the language set under preferences, stream selections
your desired language

With Elby clone DVD you can copy title only but keep menu, this means
you can select the main movie only but keep all menues, regarding languages
keep all audio tracks of your desired language except the DTS streams they
need not this much extra space… it doesn’t matter much if you have a quality
of 74% or 72% percent only

Shrink works with CSS protected disks if using Clone DVD you need to use
AnyDVD which works as a driver and decrypts on the fly or you have to
rip the disk to your HD first using DVDDecrypter

you can use dvdstripper to take out basically anything you want from the dvd while retaining the rest.

thanks for the replies, guys. i looked at and it seems that it is no longer maintained. instead, they seems to push dvdremake. i couldn’t find a proper download link for dvdremake, so i keep looking for stuff. i found dvdlab…what do yall think about it for the task at hand?

thanks again.

Another way is to use CloneDVD2 to extract only the content you want to you HD. Make sure you select custom size and increase it to max, so no transcoding is done. Then open the folder with DVD Shrink… The extra stuff would still appear but would have 0MB size(better than still picture). Shrink would allow you to increase the compression of the menues which would increase the quality of the main movie.

This whole procedure gives me an additional ~10% on compression, which sometimes makes a good difference. At least for me, watching on a huge screen.

Theare might be an easier way to do all that :)))0

dvdlab is for authoring your own dvds, not for transcoding existing dvds. dvdremake is a great tool as well. you can purchase it here.