Keep getting the same error and not sure what I'm doing wrong!

Since I’ve gotten 1Click I haven’t been able to burn one dvd. It copies ok then I get the following error:

Write Error at 307504(16) Code 05 21 02 [Illegal Request, invalid address
for write]

Does anyone know what this means? Are my settings wrong? Help!! :a

Go over to the 1Click support forum. Post your message and a log of one of your failed attempts. To this this, while 1Click is open press F8. That will open up your log in Notepad. Copy a complete session, everything between a session opening and closing and paste it in a message.

You can do that here (cdfreaks) as well, but you’ll get more readers at the 1Click support forum.

Here’s the link:

Try using a different brand of DVD blanks. Check HERE for the best media. The best available for the $ is Taiyo Yuden IMO. You can find them for around 50 cents ea. incl. shipping if you search. Good luck.