Keep getting read data error

hello…i’m trying to back up my sons pc games using alcohol,i use clonyxxl to find the protection on them but when i get to stage three (making image file)in the window that scrolls up it says (read data examination error).obviously i’m doing something wrong before hand but i just don’t know what,can someone shed some light on this.six coasters and counting.

                                   thanks. .. paul2

Hi Paul,

we need some more info about your son’s PC game and about your ‘stage three’ problem?
What’s the title of the game, which Alcohol version are you using, your CDRW/DVDRW drives brand+model and could you scan your disc using aray scanner and post the log here so we know the used protection.

p.s. ClonyXXL is outdated you should switch to aray scanner or ProtectionID.