Keep getting literally a different color screen of death while using any video player, HELP!

Any time I watch a video on my computer of shows I have and what not no matter what video player I have I tried like 6, Fusion, VLC and yea even media player classic after about 1 or 2 videos worth if I’m lucky I really do get a different color screen of death as in the whole screen turns either solid purple or solid white or solid blue, green different every time and the audio keeps playing sometime until the episode is over but the mouse and keyboard are frozen and I have to push restart on my desktop and after it restarts it wont even make is through a 20 minute show without doing it again. I have never seen anything like this before and it sucks and is driving me crazy! All I really use my computer for anymore is research on the net and watching videos its such a simple task! I was trying to update my codecs awhile back before this all happened would that be the issue or is my video card on the fritz? I updated the video card drivers I am so lost and angry cause I am on my computer a lot! Thanks! I should add I am running my card through an HDMI cable to my big screen in 1080p, its never done this before until i messed around with different codecs trying ti fix another problem…

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