Keep Freezing/ Not respponding

Could anyone tell me if I have a ram issue?. It is beginning to happen a lot more often.
Internet, programs, email etc. Seems to freeze when I click on something to fast or simply try to delete a email. Get the not reponding at the top left of the program.
I am using xp Home as my O/S and have 1 Gb of ram.
Not sure if it’s mother board issue either.
I have run Norton anti virus, and a anti spy program…any other suggestions?
Thank You

This seems more like a software issue. Is your windows up-to-date?
Also Norton is really one of the worst anti-virus there is!!! I will suggest you to get rid of it, and get a better one. You can try AVAST which is free and very very very good.
I use to pay for PCCillin, but since I tried AVAST, I kept it.