Keep being asked to Sign In

When I try to post an answer to a question I recieve in the forum (COPY DVD MOVIE/DVDFab/DVD region Free +CCS Free) I am sent
to a page to enter my user name and password. After which I get the Welcome
To, and “redirected in a moment” pop-up.

Then after a few seconds, I am returned to the sign-up page to reenter my
user name and password. Which again gets me back the Welcome To, and
“redirected in a moment” pop-up.

Which, after a few seconds, then takes me back to the sign in page in a
never ending circle.

However, on the main page I get the “welcome Dart Boy” messege. and
premission to post to any other forum. But, when I try to post to the above (and only this one) Forum page I am informed that I can’t post, reply. attacht, or edit.

Why am i kept being asked for my user name/password to this froum only when I want to reply to a post that I already posted/started.

I have turned off the firewall, clean all TEPM folders, and set IE6 to “Accept all cookies.”

Any ideas?

Dart Boy

If you are signed in and able to post here you should be able post anywhere in the forum, I have never experinced this before. Maybe someone else can shine some light on your problems.

his web browser may be set to refresh every 3 seconds and if he does not use cookies then when he signs in and clicks the remember me box…it wont :wink:

Soory for the delay, but, this is the first time I have been able to log in for a week.

I have sent an e-mail to the Club CD Freaks admistrator about my problem, but, as of today I have not received a reply.

As for Sexy_Southerner’s post of

web browser may be set to refresh every 3 seconds
, I have no idea what that means. I havbe never seen such a control in IE6.

As for the

cookies and the remember me box
items. It does not matter if I do or don’t except cookies or check/uncheck the remember me box.

BTW: Right now I have IE6 set to Not accept cookies and the remember be box unchecked. Yet I can post :confused:

I now going to see if I can post to the

forum. If I can, then I’ll put this problem of non posting up to a computer glich. If not, I’ll try to post back - or wait till the admistrator replies.