KB4089848 for Windows 10 1709 breaks DeUHD


After installing KB4089848 DeUHD won’t load due to issues with the signature.

March 22, 2018—KB4089848 (OS Build 16299.334)

Edit: This is also noted elsewhere by TwinParadox. The exact update was not mentioned, however.


Also as a consequence of DeUHD not loading properly AnyDVD was broken on my system. All optical drives vanished. Removing DeUHD and doing an uninstall/reinstall of AnyDVD resolved that.


my optical drive showed error 39 in device drive after DEUHD install
– > Could not use it anmyore.

Had to got to:
Check for Class=CDROM
and delete "LowerFilters"
Then go to your device manager ,select your drive and disable / enable the drive-


Your method works but it’s overkill and will break any other software that requires a lower class filter which will necessitate reinstalling [all] the broken software. There are far easier and better solutions.


The issue is that deuhdsys.sys won’t load. The file doesn’t exist since Windows isn’t allowing it to be installed so it cannot be loaded. Obviously, that breaks things. You can do as Arusoft said and uninstall KB4089848 and then reinstall DeUHD but this, obviously, means your system isn’t fully updated and fixes are now undone. Not exactly the best option, IMHO. Alternatively, you can uninstall DeUHD to get your system working again or you can use ImgBurn and check the Filter Driver Load Order. If you selectively remove deuhdsys.sys from the lower class filters list using ImgBurn then your optical drives will work normally again. It goes without saying that uninstalling DeUHD or removing the deuhdsys.sys driver via ImgBurn are merely temporary fixes to get your system running properly again and will wind up breaking DeUHD but it was broken already. When Arusoft resolves the issue you can reinstall DeUHD again.

Hopefully Arusoft is able to resolve the issue on their end.

NOTE: I take zero responsibility for people breaking their system if they play around with ImgBurn and removing drivers. I’m merely offering insight.