Kazza and that worm

gotta love it don’t ya

i just intercepted that damn worm. 19 time sofar.

when will these fnck3rs who make this shit learn. they could be doing some good. like making keygens , or patches or working for Olli.

peace out:Z

nnnnn come on guys

cooooeeee :bow:

i just got this worm again today

20th time!!!

bloody hell :Z

bloody clone keygen…why did some prick have to rename a virus.

Originally posted by sherman1
clone keygen

You’re not making yourself popular with this one …

Eh… What worm?
And don’t make keygens for CloneCD… Buy it instead!
I really don’t understand what you’re saying…
BTW, I got W32.Klez.h@mm for the 38th time today… :slight_smile:

the Klone Keygen was a joke.

ease up pal.

i have owned my copy of clone since ver2. :bow:

Well, it is proberly impossibel to mistake some virus, for something else.

Try looking at the FILE SIZE, if it says MOHAA complete downloader and only filz 200 kb then it is proberly somthing else les pleasant.
I download a lot of different programs, and I have nerver gotten that worm, because of LOOKING at the file before I download.