KaZearch: a program to browse file sharing networks



I just posted the article KaZearch: a program to browse file sharing networks….

While browsing the net I found a new program called KaZearch. First I thought it was something from the KaZaa people but it’s not. KaZearch is a freeware media browser that allows you to find and…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3275-KaZearch-a-program-to-browse-file-sharing-networks___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3275-KaZearch-a-program-to-browse-file-sharing-networks___.html)

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The makers of KaZearch would like it to be known we fully support KaZaA, Morhpeus, and indeed Grokster - Please remember that if everyone stopped using their p2p software products, there would be no files to download via KaZearch. If you would like to share your files with others, and partake in a broader search range, the above mentioned software titles should be your first choice.


Is this software full of spyware?, I for one am not going to install without knowing. I get enough shit on my system now so it would be a good idea to let us all know.


It’s got no spyware. Anyway if you’re worried about spyware you should use Ad-Aware.


Anyone have trouble getting the WIN9x version of this program to work? I get the errors mentioned in their forum, but that person was using WINXP and there was no fix mentioned…


After installing KaZearch my computer crached seriously. Only after complete HD formatting and reinstaling Win98se I could get back to work. Could be an incident, could be not. Still I would like to see it working without destabilising my fragile computer. Yes, I know I should be using XP.