Kazaalite 2.8?

on kazaalite.pl they say they have the newest version of kazaalite 2.8. Does anyone have already tried it?

its bulls shit

the latest real, adfree,scam free versions of klite are klite 2.4.4, klt 2.7.0 or k-lite2.7beta3

you can find them here http://www.kltforums.com/?showtopic=1771

that site is a scam site anyways, the owner and supposed builder (more like copier) does not even know what he is doing and most places report trojens from those versions

Is KaZaA Lite 2.5 RELOADED a scam?

lol must be i’ve never even her of it.

like is said just stick with one of the 3 i mentioned, they are the real, clean versions that are made for the p2p community not like others that are there to make money off of you

thanks for the infos :slight_smile: i did not installed it because i was not sure if it was full full of crap or not, but now i do. Are there any website that keep an index of fake kazaa versions?

not for kazaa i don’t think but we do have a software that is supposet to make them suffer i believe in the TBP2P site there is a list of scam sites but they are not limited to kazaa tho.

check out TBP2P SITE here: http://www.kltforums.com/p2p