KaZaa went spyware... but solution is near

I just posted the article KaZaa went spyware… but solution is near.

I already uninstalled KaZaa a few days ago because it couldn’t start anymore. Why? Because I didn’t install all the spyware with it. shovmyfist also noticed this:

I was using Kazaa the other…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2308-KaZaa-went-spyware___-but-solution-is-near.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2308-KaZaa-went-spyware___-but-solution-is-near.html)

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thx for the tip :slight_smile: now using grokster

:frowning: basically, kazaa has the same options as grokster when you install it. if you download the full verion of the new update instead of downloading the update file, you will recieve these options -FuR1OuS of FuR1OuS Inc.

I had this problem too. I just installed Grokster, but the same problem occured. Damn Spyware!

Solution: Go to www.musiccity.com, install Morpheus, et voila! Morpheus has the same interface as Kazaa, the same database, but there’s no spyware installed :slight_smile:

I figured this same thing out a couple days ago. Thought every 1 else would have too. Went to Grokster also. I did hear of Grokster on CD Freaks 1st (a few days ago). So that helped me find a quick solution. :d

Nah! WinMX gives LOADS more music and no spyware probs.

ljpp> WinMX just for music? I do like a good porno now and then :4

Actually, Morpheus has the exact same problem as Grokster and KaZaa. It won’t run without the spyware files. Strange though, I uninstalled Ad-Aware and reinstalled Morpheus and I still couldn’t run the program. Any solutions?

What spyware? I use both Morpheus and Grokster 1.3 and they have no spyware (they do have ads though).

I had install KaZaa too. I knew that KaZaa was Spyware so a didn’t install HotText,Web Hancer…I openned Ad-Watch and it was running Cydoor.I remove it with Ad-Aware.The problem was that “Winsock” got broken.Can someone help me?:frowning:

stickle - Your windows socket api (WINSOCK) error help - http://www.microsoft.com/windows95/downloads/contents/wuadmintools/s_wunetworkingtools/w95sockets2/ Try it. Tell me if it works or not. and chill :frowning: --> :7

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