KaZaA version 1.5 released yesterday

I just posted the article KaZaA version 1.5 released yesterday.

Redd Ears used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of KaZaA, the populair file-sharing program, has been released yesterday:

KaZaA has released version 1.5 yesterday. They don’t…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3282-KaZaA-version-1_5-released-yesterday.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3282-KaZaA-version-1_5-released-yesterday.html)

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Before you install this software…you might want to read the legal contract you enter into ( its on the website ). I guess when you are being sued or screwed, you like to spread the financial net as far as you can throw it. Caveat Emptor…Buyer Beware

Here’s what you can read in KaZaA’s term of Use: 6.1 Certain features of the KaZaA Media Desktop may require payment in the future including a prepaid fee (“Prepaid Fee”). 10.1 During the process of installing KaZaA, you may be offered the possibility to download or install software from third party software vendors pursuant to licenses or other arrangements between such vendors and yourself (“Third Party Software”). In the event you do not wish to download this THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE you should uncheck the appropriate boxes. 10.3 There are inherent dangers in the use of any software available for downloading on the Internet, and KaZaA cautions you to make sure that you completely understand the potential risks before downloading any of the THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE. 13.1 YOU AGREE TO INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS AND DEFEND KAZAA, AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, OFFICERS, AGENTS, CO-BRANDERS OR OTHER PARTNERS, AND EMPLOYEES, AT YOUR EXPENSE, AGAINST ANY AND ALL THIRD PARTY CLAIMS OR DEMANDS, ACTIONS, PROCEEDINGS AND SUITS AND ALL RELATED LIABILITIES, DAMAGES, SETTLEMENTS, PENALTIES, FINES COSTS AND EXPENSES (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, REASONABLE ATTORNEY’S FEES AND OTHER DISPUTE RESOLUTION EXPENSES) INCURRED BY KAZAA, DUE TO OR ARISING OUT OF DATA YOU SUBMIT, POST TO OR TRANSMIT THROUGH THE SOFTWARE, YOUR USE OR MISUSE OF THE SOFTWARE, YOUR CONNECTION TO OTHER USERS, YOUR VIOLATION OF THE LICENSE, OR YOUR VIOLATION OF ANY RIGHTS OF ANOTHER. 15.1.5 …IN NO EVENT SHALL KAZAA’S TOTAL LIABILITY TO YOU FOR ALL DAMAGES EXCEED THE AMOUNT OF FIFTY DOLLARS ($50). :frowning: Fuck them! Who’s next ? Morpheus and Grokster ?? :frowning:

Do these assholes actually think if they get sued that the users are going to pay for it? Only idiots would actually give Kaza their real names & information. If they tracked me by my IP address then by the time the come knocking on my door my computer will be gone.

This is very interesting. Actually it is intreging. Since really who would come after us but those suing Kazaa, and do you think for one mili-second they would come after the end users. Sure they might throw around alot of money in Washington, but if they piss of the voters to much then their money is useless!!!

Isn’t it true that if your under 18 you cant legally be bound to this terms of use. Becausing basically when you download the program your agreeing to this “contract”, which a minor cant be heald to. Or is this not correct?

thats corect…in aust under 18 and you are not liable for ANY contract. BUT…your parents/guardians are.

So by me agreeing to any contract it makes my guardian responsible even if they had no prior knowledge?

a contract with a minor only exists with parental consent under Australian law. I don’t about about the rest of the world. Kazza has no legal contract with a minor unless there is parental consent. I do Year 12 Legal Studies so i think this is correct.

Cool! I was just wondering where I could find some new spyware to junk up my system. :r