Kazaa, Verizon propose to pay artists directly

I just posted the article Kazaa, Verizon propose to pay artists directly.

What about paying an extra dollar to your ISP and being legally allowed to download the songs you like, just like you do now. Wouldn’t that be pretty fair ?

You pay a small fee and the artists…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3857-Kazaa-Verizon-propose-to-pay-artists-directly.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3857-Kazaa-Verizon-propose-to-pay-artists-directly.html)

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Nope. No thanks.

I think that paying directly to the artist would be the only fair thing to do. Much better then paying to this asses at stupid RIAA or publishers who take all the money from the artists who really deserve the money.

Sounds pretty fair to me, and does save a lot of time to pay directly to your ISP. No other services needed, no creditcard, just another $12 extra a year on the ISP bill. Seems like a fair deal. And for Hilary Rosen: up yours, b**ch *ss ho’! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i like this idea, the artists deserve payment for their work and this is a good way to do it. i wouldnt mind being charged a small fee as long as it was going directly to the artists and not those fat cat middle men in the riaa

So they are also going to place those files online and encode them for us? Or do we have to do that hard work all by ourself? If we do have to do it ourself, it sounds like Kazaa wants to pick the RIAAs place…

This is a pretty ridiculas idea. $1 is nothing when you think about how much music people can get per month. Also, it’s charging everyone for music when lots of people probably dont use it. The only real way of doing this properly is just to have a bloody service like napster where people pay $1 per song or maybe $20 a month for as much as you want or something reasonable. If the music industry wasn’t so bloody stupid they’d have realised this and done it ages ago.

Can eveeyone say GREED!RIAA can kiss my ass and i hope we are able to take billions of dollars out of youre greedy pockets and put you right out of business.And hillary you fat pig go eat some more chicken you fat nasty pig belly hog!Thats what i feel about them.Just my 2 cents worth

Kaazaa ? Being the good guys? Taking care of my money? no… not really…

If you were to pay $1 per song, you’d still be paying the same to download the album as you did to just go to a store and buy it! In order for internet users to accept a user-fee, it has to be a better deal. Look back through history, whenever we don’t like something, we just circumvent it. Especially us americans, our whole creation was based on smuggling, because great britian wanted all sales to go through us. We didn’t like it, so we just smuggled around them. When you come to an agreement about things, the idea is to compromise and make everyone happy. To charge $1 a song is the same as agreeing with the RIAA’s position, which doesn’t really constitute as a compromise in my humble opinion. Right now we can go to a store and buy a brand new sealed CD for $20. I am not going to pay the same price for copy-protected, lower quality downloads. Especially considering I am going to have to buy it again if I delete it off my hard-drive, as I won’t be able to back it up! That’s my opinion:)Love it or hate it as much as you like, just respect it for mine!:4.

Good ol’ hillary, up there flapping her big yap, putting the downer on anybody trying to solve the problem amicably… her tenure is limited and she will find problems getting work anywhere else, her reputation will follow her like a bad smell…looks like the RIAA is stuck with her…yep good ol’ hillary…moving around deckchairs on the titanic

Alright geezerz ! Maybe itz just me - but why iz it ALWAYZ chix dat wanna spoil everyfing ! Maybe itz da mother vibe in 'em ! Laterz … . :4

Some ISPs in the UK don’t charge - just the cost of local calls to access. Some don’t even require registration. Same in Germany, I think. This seems same as the tax on CDs to me. Either its legal to download copyrighted music or its not. If its not legal, you can’t justify taxing it unless you legalise it.

If the RIAA likes it: No way lets’s not support it, because they will make money. If the RIAA dislikes it: Let’s go for it, cause they won’t make money.