Kazaa users often expose personal files

I just posted the article Kazaa users often expose personal files.

A study, done by computer scientists Nathaniel S. Good of HP Labs and Aaron Krekelberg of the University of Minnesota has revealed that a lot KaZaA users are sharing personal files without knowing…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3982-Kazaa-users-often-expose-personal-files.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3982-Kazaa-users-often-expose-personal-files.html)

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Typical there is no privacy in this world:( Thank you New World Order

For anyone who doesn’t figure out how a program works I suppose they deserve this. I mean this is completely retarded. THe damn porgram is obvious in what it is sharing. Granted that it is set to share all by default but Ignorance really isnt an excuse :r

True!!! Ignorance is not even a defence in law… It’s amazing how many folk install software and jump straight in to use it without seeing what internal options are available for their own security. Or even patches written by any third party to help out here. It’s just so sad that companies have to resort to this method of data gathering coz they know folk would mostly tell them to get lost if approached in the old fashioned way in the street. Keep smiling : England have just stuffed the Argies and good on 'em!!! :4:9:+

Yes,I agree on that. But lots of people hear about kazaa or other programs (I for instance don’t use that junk) they can use to get ‘cool’ stuff, so they install it. I can believe many of them don’t actually know, how it works, and that they think the program will automatically protect their ‘personal’ files. Maybe some of them dont know that the service only works because other users (just like them) share stuff. So I think developpers should also think about this, and make enough warnings. Its just like the filesharing in XP , if you select to share a drive the; ‘…may alter files…’ is on by default ! I can imagine people dont looking at it and share there files with write access without knowing, so what I’m trying to say allthough people need to read the text, and do it with caution, developpers should also think twice. In the end, the developper is only putting a warning 1 time in the program, the user is (re)installing it many times, so eventually he will accendely share a folder he didnt want to…and so on.

I already knew of this problem many months ago. I’ve been using it ever since to download the files where certain programs keep their key. This way I could steal other peoples software keys.