KaZaA the Virus Desktop



I just posted the article KaZaA the Virus Desktop.

Downloading file`s with file sharing programs as Kazaaa and there clones(morpheus enz enz) brings along a risk of virusses and trojan horses.

This article have some good information of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2619-KaZaA-the-Virus-Desktop.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2619-KaZaA-the-Virus-Desktop.html)

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One must be incredible stupid to download a mp3 file with the size < 1 MB (I dont think Virus-Scripts are too big). ViRuZ


I really agree with you. Not many people download mp3 < 1MB.


yeah you must be stupid to d/l a vbs file, compile it and run it. ah well. it’s usually the technologically declined which have problems with virii anyway.


You must also be stupid to open attachments with certain extensions but a lot of people seem to do it. Another point about this is that it scares other people to use this software, so bad advertisement for KaZaa this way, and we all know who benefits from that !


By default windows has “hide file extensions of known file type, incl .vbs, .exe)” turned on so the computer illiterate who download something.mp3.vbs will only ever see something.mp3 and quite happily run it without checking for a virus, and by then it’s to late.


I downloaded a game from Kazaa that was 8 meg and it had a virus, norton av caught it tho.


D/l a game only 8 megs. Must have been a very old game. :slight_smile:


Why there’s a lot of games with fake names in kazaa?? Does someone know why the motherfu… rename the files??