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Adding a new challenge to their list of legal attacks, the record industry and Hollywood studios have joined forces to sue Music City,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2584-Kazaa-sued.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2584-Kazaa-sued.html)

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piracy will always be an excuse for the music industry. they say piracy causes loss of sales, so they have to spend millions, if not billions, to stop piracy, which can never be stopped. then they give that as the reason to increase prices. if prices were lowered, then maybe i’d buy them. i’m not gonna buy them now when it’ll cost me a weeks worth of food just to buy one cd. maybe if it’ll just set me back to one day with no food, then i’d consider buying again.

Dont any of you guys think that someday there wont be anybody around who wants to get sued anymore…? I am afriad that one day there wont be ANY filesharing programs left… But hey as long as the monkeys at eDonkey still are alive im happy :o)

they cant stop it, they never will they end up just advertising these comapanys all over… “Music City, Kazaa and Grokster, which together form one of the most popular file-trading networks to spring up in Napster’s wake.” good avertising, now people will know to use these until it gets closed which could take months :slight_smile:

what is music? rythmic vibrations in the air cuased by musical instruments/voices. these vibrations are transmitted through the air and into our ears where they are transformend into electrical singles that the brain understands. who owns the air? BMG? Virgin? i think not. anything that i can hear is open for everyone to hear. i said it before and i’ll say it again: if i were unable to get music for free, i sure as hell woudn’t pay for it. besides, good bands like U2 and Radiohead support Napster ideas.

Why buy anything legal??? You know, at least in Latin America, you go the flea market and you can get EVERYTHING!!, and I mean Everything, from music, movies, games, for a couple of dollars… Why buy the original when they Charge so much to fight the online sharing softwares??.. that’s dumb… They should spend the money to lower costs down, make things easier so people buys their stuff… :4

Sad thing is they probably make a good chance in succeeding, they could stop Napster, so why not KaZaa ?

These people just don’t get it… everytime they shutdown a file sharing service, another just pops up… plus how much more millions are these companies looking to make… as if they don’t have enough millions already… if they can spend millions fighting file sharing why not put that money into good quality music and movies… come on $50 Million bux for an actor/actress to star in some lame movie that won’t even break even… that’s why they’re losing money… and the music industry isn’t much better… too many musicians out there and not enough good music…

This site has some internal memos from the RIAA, interesting read. http://www.dotcomscoop.com/

Welp its wishful thinking to say that when one file sharing program goes another will pop up in its place, in fantasy land that may happen but the reality is the record companies will win in the end. The people creating these programs im sure arnt millionares just bored punks with no life who wants to live on the wild side :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking about new filesharing programs, what would be other good alternatives if these get shutdown ? I liked the idea of being able to search on other networks too like MusicCity and Kazaa and Grokster offered…

I thought - because it’s peer2peer and there’s no central server - that it couldn’t be shut down…

i thought so too. would we all have to delete morph off of our comps for the service to be shut down? if that’s true then you are correct. it can’t be shut down. “I thought - because it’s peer2peer…it couldn’t be shut down…”

when the file is transferred it is done peer to peer. But the companies are hosting supernodes which index the files. I believe, gnutella was the only one that was really decentralized.

This is such bullshit, as was the Napster case. I remember someone sueing eBay cause someone was selling illegal copies of a video they made and eBay was found NOT RESPONSIBLE for the content being sold on its web site…I’m sure eBay knows illegal content is being sold on their web site (even worse than sharing illegal stuff!) and they definately have the ability to stop it…so why are they not getting sued?! Also, Yahoo!, AOL NetFind, etc, can all return illegal search results (like Napster, file sharing clients) yet these people are not sued… Money talks and thus the RIAA will always take down whatever they decide is not ‘legit’. We really need to find a legal back door that will protect a file sharing service from big industries.