Kazaa Software Download

I recently downloaded a file off kazaa, and it shows as an .exe file, but when I double click it in WinXP it pulls up what looks like a DOS window which then just disappears, nothing else happens. I’ve had this happen before and can never get the program to work. Is it just a bad file?

It’s a DOS program. Type ‘cmd’ in the run-dialog and then browse your way to your program and it won’t go away in half a sec.

You can also right click on the file. Click properties. Go to programs tab and Un-Click “Close On Exit”.

Did you scan it with AV software before you executed it?

it sounds like abogus file or a trojan or a virus. way to go. virus scan exe files before opening them. and look out for the dreaded .mp3.exe or .mp3.vbs both BAD signs