Kazaa programmer sues Sharman Networks for damages

I just posted the article Kazaa programmer sues Sharman Networks for damages.

  While Sharman Networks have been hit hard by accused copyright  violations and even had its  offices raided in Australia,  it is now facing yet another legal copyright battle.  It is...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7968-Kazaa-programmer-sues-Sharman-Networks-for-damages.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7968-Kazaa-programmer-sues-Sharman-Networks-for-damages.html)

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imagine if he wins some rights to it, them Microsoft will make him an offer he can’t refuse

In a way he has them by the balls. Sharman is in a tight spot and if he doesn’t get what he wants he may very well hold the key to bring them down? A roundabout way of extortion but it may work?

He will probably settle for a fraction of what he demands like $ 0,5-1 million

This guy never signed any contracts nor did he patent his work. He has no legal right to claim for compensation. He should kow this and it seems he is just going to try his luck with the courts. I hope his case gets thrown for time wasting. If he is too stupid to sign a contract for any work he partakes in then he is too stupid to be entitled to any money.

According to precedents set by recent lawsuits compiled source code would have to be protected by patents. However, source code is something you write, and in america protected by free speech. Therefore source code is automatically protected by copyright by whoever creates the source code as long as they can prove they are the creator. So this person may have a case. Depending on what country he is in. In america if you write something you have to file for a patent, however you automatically gain copyright over that material. The catch is, proving you came up with the idea first.

While Toader was hired by the Dutch Kazaa BV firm, he never signed a contract with them. (…) His contract Kazaa BV however clearly states that the code is not owned by Toader. So did he had a contract or not? Or do they mean two different contracts?

Lets say he does win the case for the full 25 Million dollars… I wonder if the RIAA will sue Toader for writing the code and get a good portion of that. LoL
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Going by the The Register, the contract clearly stated that he does not own the code, however Toader never signed the contract. :stuck_out_tongue: It is like working for a company without ever signing their contract.

I clearly sense some Microsoft shit stinking behind this action. They know toader worked for KaZaA and they are probably supporting him financially… That’s the way it is…

scince hes never signed anything he cant proove anything. its like working off the books yet bitching that you dont have any insurance or that you cant collect unemployment.

can one know source code of a program