Kazaa Problems



There was an excellent entry into the 2/06/05 Langa List (worth reading) by a Mr. Fred Spector. Using Win Patrol Plus and the new Microsoft Antispyware he tested an installation of Kazaa and found that 600 entries of spyware, malware, etc. were loaded onto the computer. Kazaa, in their user license spells all this out but this does not stop kids (and some adults) from loading it on their computer. How many of you have similar problems?


Most people in tune with the PC world use Kazaa Lite me thinks
Kazaa alone is nasty


well i use it, and it doesnt seem that bad. It makes some adds come up yes, so I would not want it on a computer that I used a lot. and i did install it on a 2nd pc that I only use for p2p. I keep all filesharing stuff on my primary gaming/work pc. It just gums stuff up. So yea ur sort of right. Get k light