Kazaa plays on despite threats of fines

I just posted the article Kazaa plays on despite threats of fines.

Even though a court ordered deadline in the Netherlands has come and gone for Kazaa to start implementing some sort of anti-piracy controls with regards to file swapping

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Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2996-Kazaa-plays-on-despite-threats-of-fines.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2996-Kazaa-plays-on-despite-threats-of-fines.html)

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…suits in both the Netherlands and the United States…
Like the even need to bother anymore. Like that pay-per-month Napster (was it Music.net ?), it was already bombed into the ground because of faulty servers and the disability to download. And that was the introduction, it is supposed to get interest, NOT lose it !

Id like to see them tell AOL that 1 million of there users are trading illegally with Kazaa and that they want them to do something about it… AOL is going to give up $22 million dollars because they want them off their network? I dont think so… Besides how can AOL be held responsible for what you do off there site/service? Someone is obviously munipulating the laws…

Music companies simply cannot accept that their songs are crap so people are not buying them! They are looking for a scapegoat.

I am telling you we should sue Al Gore. We all know he created the internet:)

Hahhahaa, actually we should sue whoever had the smart ass idea to create the digital millenium act. :frowning: Can you say Bullshit?.. Stupid Bill Clinton cabinet members.

Just who do the record companies think they’re going to hurt in this? They are going after their CUSTOMERS, the people you’d think they want to make happy. I don’t think that music CDs will ever stop being sold because of some stupid file sharing programs. Did casette tapes kill the recording industry? NO. This is about power and profit. Maybe if the recording industry can win in this: http://cryptome.org/mpaa-v-net-mg.htm Bands and artists will no longer be able to record their own MP3s and distribute their own music themselves over the internet. The recording industry has to kill any chance of an artist making it without their help. Right now the laws and precendents are being set. Dear God help us all. :frowning: