KaZaA ordered to stop by Dutch court

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A Dutch court on Thursday ordered file-swapping software maker KaZaA to prevent people using its product from engaging in copyright infringement or face…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2891-KaZaA-ordered-to-stop-by-Dutch-court___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2891-KaZaA-ordered-to-stop-by-Dutch-court___.html)

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AHAHH!!! Nice i hate this program you’d better use audiogalaxy. I installed it onto my computere and guess what since i installed it i allways get strange emails with complete commercials in it! DIE! :4 Oh next thing…doe they really have the idea in their mind to let this file swapping stop? :4 Itz getting nicer every day :8

You dumbass! KaZaA is NOT ONLY for music - it’s great for movies too! I don’t see AudioGalaxy doing that… :r

hey who is here the dumass??? mr…azrael! Uhm for movies i use Edonkey 2000 better then kazaa ( :r ) when i tried it! :+

Alright Geezerz ! All this . . KaZaA this eDonkey that etc etc Y not just get yaself hooked up to a decent news server - they are like fuckin’ treasure chests, full’o everything under da sun. You’ll need to pay a small fee per month via ya credit card, but itz peanuts for wot ya get. Laterz … . :4

heh seems Mr. Knowitall ploegercr shoulndt call people dumbass, audio galaxy has a nice BIG spyware suite written right into the middle of it, KaZaA not only has music, but none of the “This file is protected by copywrite yaddah yaddah and cannot be downloaded yaddah yaddah” and not only has vids but ebooks and software too

Good luck shutting it down - it has no central server! :slight_smile:

since it doesnt go through a central server they cant force the user to upgrade the software to include the filters for copywrited materials or filter the files out themself. this is no napster and it will not be stopped so easily even if kazaa get sued to extiction we will still be able to access the network. the cat is out the bad and isnt going back in there any time soon

To: Stormshadow5150 Maybe you’re right but are you very very sure that audiogalaxy includes spyware?

To eBwoy: You’re damn right about those newsgroups! I need more HDD space! :4

ya damn skippy ad-aware located severald different forms embedded in the code just to prove the theory I DL’d and installed AG just to show ya the results Found were Gator Webcelerator and Bonzai buddy, need I say more? and you wonder why you gettin crates of spam lmao KaZaA has NO spyware whatsoever. just thought I’d respond sees how ya went outta ya way to want to know KaZaA is unstoppable!

The courts are stupid

A few small points. Kazaa definitely has some dodgy stuff included. If they are allowed to stop Kazaa what will stop them moving onto every other program? You have to all make a stand on the principal of file sharing, not just if you like the prgram or not, sure kazaa might suck (i prefer morpheous as it doens’t seem to have the same crap running in the background as kazaa), but everytime they close another one they set a precedent. Don’t let this happen. Also, from my understanding, Kazaa/musiccity etc do have some centralised servers (supernodes?), otherwise the searches over the network would get too slow as there would be too many computers clogging it. I read somethign about this a couple of months ago. Anyone have info. contrary to this?

Kazaa…Morpheus is the BOMB…so step off anybody who hates it and go somewhere ELSE.

I think both program sucks. I use Winmx…At lest there I can put in servers and I can get more results. I found over thousands of results for just 1 song title. I’ve tried all th other kind of programs but this one is what I like