Kazaa not the same as before

Hi I was wondering if anyone has noticed something that has changed with kazaa. I used to get multiple downloads for the same file in excess of 7-10+ users and ever since I upgraded, the most I have ever seen is 2 users if that!!! :a Has something changed? How do I get back to the way things used to be???:confused:

It’s a known fact that since the RIAA’s actions towards KaZaA users, the number of systems on the network has decreased by about 30%…

I guess that partially explains the lesser availability…

people are also hiding there files in other unshared folders taking tons of songs off the network

@ Cybersombosis
If you are still using Kazaa Lite, well the development is halted according to an article here
also the references to download it at http://home.hccnet.nl/h.edskes/mirror.htm has disappeared.