Kazaa No Longer Works!


Kazaa Lite nor Kazaa Ressurection will no longer work on my PC! Has TimeWarner’s RoadRunner blocked it.


Kazaa Lite? I stopped using that years ago.

I’m guessing it has finally died because when I last used it, every file I downloaded was messed up.

this is good news…

Can you give me info on when it stopped working. What it do, did you have it installed already.

I used kazaa lite years ago when a couple of programers created it from kazaa. it was great while it lasted.

I thought Kazaa had been completely shut down!

I agree , think they’ve been shut down . Last time used K-lite was appox 6 mo’s ago , and was crap … couldn’t trust it as a p2p oh well adios …


I am not sure when it stopped working, but ‘Search’ and ‘Downloads/Uploads’ stays grayed out.


You need to download Kazaa lite Ressurection form FileSharing Place. Google that. Cause you migh have a older version. Try also upgrading bad nodes.

I’m really surprised that Kazaa is still being used. This has been becoming more and more unpopular from about 2003 on, IIRC…

Thats nice. So what your saying is you have more money than me and your computer is better than mine. Great. Thats just adds to my day of feeling like shit.

Didn’t mean to say that.
There are other ways to obtain high quality media 100% legally for free, like recording off web radio…

Ummm…Kazaa sucks people.

The only thing you can find on Kazaa is some music and fake nude photos of every possible celebrity.

If you want P2P Program that finds more of what your looking for than any other out there (and I have tried everything! - Kazaa,Limewire,eDonkey,Aces, the list goes on and on) then try <a href=“http://free-download-support.com/bearshare/?gclid=CJCv2tGOookCFQboPgodfzRRWw”>Bearshare</a><p>

However, if you are tired of using P2P file sharing…
The best way to find everything you want and more is using Torrent Downloads!
I can’t even explain exactly what a Torrent is.

First you get a Torrent download support program, I like <a href=“http://www.bittorrent.com/”>BitTorrent</a> But there are tons out there. Whatever works the best for you.
Then once you have your Torrent program, you go to the Torrent file websites and search for what you want. When you find it choose to download torrent and your torrent program will automatically open it for you.
My favorite torrent sites are Torrent Reactor, TorrentSpy, TorrentBox, Torrent Valley, and Torrent Portal.

Good luck!

Not to say your a lair, but Kazaa Lite is great for Music and at least it isn’t bundled with Trojans and have tons of rip-offs cause it is open source. LimeWire has fake software, eDonkey has been shut down the network is still up though, Ares while good has lack of movies and games, BearShare is bundled with spy-ware and trojans. Torrent Reactor is crap, the site is buggy and looks more like a warez site than anything. TorrentSpy has gone down and it seems like they are porn addicts now. The Pirate Bay and IsoHunt, Fenopy, My Bittorrent, and MiniNova are probably the best. Kazaa is a good program still and I never had any problems with it.

It depends a lot on what you try to download. A lot of those apps work fine, just stay away from downloading exe and zip files, etc. And I didn’t even know Kaza was still up and running, although I’ve never used it. Just goes to show that the RIAA can’t go around shutting everything down as easily as they’d like to…
As for the best torrent site; music-wise; OPP, hands down.

DC++ gets my vote, although, with the lack of encryption does not help with downloading and uploading. Almost all hubs there require you to share files before you can even enter.

Another option is Filezilla, but the lack of a community is something it greatly lacks. But it offers 256 bit encryption when transferring files.

yeah wow… i haven’t used kazaa in a long long time.

i have used kazaa its the only p2p that i have ever used but i really like it.