KaZaA Media Desktop 1.3 available



I just posted the article KaZaA Media Desktop 1.3 available….

After 2 months of silence from KaZaA it’s time for a new update. KaZaA Media Desktop 1.3 is now available. New features:

List files of other users. You can now list files of users you find…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2146-KaZaA-Media-Desktop-1_3-available___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2146-KaZaA-Media-Desktop-1_3-available___.html)

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Also version 1.3 of Morpheus (which is basically the same program) is available from http://www.musiccity.com :7


I’ve installed the new version of Morpheus, and doen’t like my system :frowning: After it is all loaded it exits with a run time error :r


anyone knows the diffents between kazaa & Morpheus it looks exactly the same with another skin? It’s also impossible to run both simultaniously.


I think there is spyware involved with kazaa 1.3 & Morpheus. Since I installed the soft I get frequently firewall popups from an ??? piece of software want’s to send info??? :r


new morpheus seems to limit the bitrate of mp3s to 128 kbps :(… like the old kazaa… anyone knows if there’s a way to bypass that?


Morpheus does NOT limit the bitrate of MP3s downloadable. The problem proably is that there a there are a lot of 128 kbps songs being shared, and as you may know the number of search results is limited to a maximum of around 100 files, meaning that the songs with higher bitrates are not displayed. Just do an advanced search and specifiy a minimum bitrate of 160 kbps. Also bear in mind that 128 kbps is by far the most used bitrate for MP3s :r BTW Morpheus 1.3 now works fine on my computer :7


have you tried to limit the bitrate to 160 kbps hotshot?


Well I just did it - and it worked. Click on “more search options”, and then you can select the quality you want.


One more point, I’m sick of all those people who are calling Morpheus/Kazza the next Napster. They do not even come close, use DopeFlish instead, it kicks arse! :d