Kazaa makes a legitimate comeback

I just posted the article Kazaa makes a legitimate comeback.

Popular peer-to-peer program Kazaa will be reborn as a subscription-based music service as early as next month, hoping to cash in on a multi-billion dollar music industry.<br />
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Kazaa was one…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16218-Kazaa-makes-a-legitimate-comeback.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16218-Kazaa-makes-a-legitimate-comeback.html)

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“Each song is protected by DRM security, and a subscriber will, of course, lose their music catalog if they stop paying for the service.”

Sounds like Kaaza is late to the game twice. One for waiting until now to start a pay P2P site and two, having a library filled with DRM tainted songs. Another cute feature is them dropping the banhammer when ever Johnny forgets to pay his bill on time. Where do I sign up? IMO a massive FAIL.

I heard that the charge was to the users phone line?

Dr. Who: That will be one of the ways a subscriber can pay monthly subscription fees for the new service.

I see just remembered what I read on google news earlier this morning.

DRM’d subscription is sooooo … 2 years ago:p

Doesn’t “comeback” imply success? I doubt this service will have any of that.

Of course, if it’s the advertisers paying them to install their spyware…

Why do these idiot companies think that a Peer To Peer software application name has any value? Once the service is no longer “free”, the name means nothing.

Same sh*t as the Pirate Bay turning into a paysite. Do you think all of the bittorrent and P2P guys are going to just decide to start paying for stuff they have been ripping for years? It’s like asking a rapist to start dating again so he can get consensual sex. I doubt it will really do much other than force the users to find another outlet for the content.

I know the RIAA and other people involved are thinking that they will eventually “clean up” all of the illegal ripping/ torrent sites and the users will be forced to pay one way or the other. IMO the real world says otherwise. Just like when the orig. Napster was folded up, some people thought that was the end of it and then came along torrent sites. Now that torrent sites are being shut down there will be another whole new crop of illegal file sharing to go around, especially since DRM is so 2 years ago as Debro put it. :).

The only control they have is bitchslapping the ISP’s when they find a bittorrent user and forcing them to turn off their service. IMO they will find another way, maybe like IP cloaking or proxy servers or something like that, they always will.

What about the former Kazaa customers who purchased lifetime subscriptions at 39.95. Do they just fade into the woodwork?