Kazaa Lite users get banned from FastTrack network

I just posted the article Kazaa Lite users get banned from FastTrack network.

As we reported a few days ago, Sharman Networks have shutdown Kazaa Lite K++. Now they are proceeding with the next step. The German magazine Chip reports on…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7326-Kazaa-Lite-users-get-banned-from-FastTrack-network.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7326-Kazaa-Lite-users-get-banned-from-FastTrack-network.html)

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doesn’t really matter to me, I’ve switched to Shareaza - it’s so much better

But can’t they only do this if they make everyone update to a newer KaZaA version? Because they don’t have any control over the network itself.

Just connect using latest KaZaA Lite and there are 2,778,179 users online. I don’t think I was kicked from Fasttrack network at all.

I think this spells the death of kazaa, as at least kazaa lite gave you protection against spyware and the Riaa etc. I dont think anyone will use the orginal kazaa now as its so insecure.

It may be the death of kazaa, but there are other ways of having a clean kazaa client People can f.ex. use DietK (www.dietk.com) But I i have too made the switch to shareaza, long before Kazaa lite was shut down.

i just logged in too with kazaa lite++… over 3 million users

Yep mine still works…Sharman sucks c**ks anyway for allowing their network to be raided by the RIAA. RIAA = Al Quaeda - Osama’s CEO don’t you know!

Shareza is nice… but SLOW… I have to leave the computer on for days to get files. DietK will work with Kazaa 2.51 but NOT with the newest 2.6 (at least not when I tried it). It goes ballistic when you remove all the spyware and says it won’t run… 2.51 still will d/l. for how long who knows…

If all they’re checking for is a version number, wouldn’t a quick edit allow Lite to report the version number it’s looking for? Anyway, I haven’t used the Fastrack network in ages, I found there was too much garbage and it took too long to actually get connected to anyone to download (but that will happen with a popular network).

I think lite should create some patch that does 1 of 2 things. 1. Like dentman42 stated, alter the version number. 2. Pull the rug from under them. Since there are probably more Lite users then Kazaa users, why not create our own network? Everybody already has the client software just patch it.

I think the solution is fairly simple. All that is needed is to release a new version of Lite that enables the supernode function for all fast connections such as DSL/Cable and above. Sharman Networks themselves have said this: “The developers of Kazaa Lite helped Sharman out tremendously by disabling the supernode function. Very few users who run this client are acting as supernodes. A decentralized P2P network with all clients and no supernodes cannot exist. The effects of this extermination is already taking place, as search times and connection times are deteriorating” (http://www.slyck.com/news.php?story=339) So there you have it. Release version 2.4.4 with supernode enabled for fast connections, and Kazaa Lite can form its own subnetwork free of the original Kazaa.

I am connected and the number of users shown is over 3 million. everything works fine. no need to worry

:B I moved on from Kazza to Bittorrent, Could never get the speeds i get from BT from Kazza :r… Go from 10k on Kazza to 150k sometimes 250 on BT… Do the math eh!

2.7 million users right now. Besides eMule sucks big donkey dick. You can’t get on any servers.

Shareaza rocks - it does eMule/eDonkey, Gnuttella 1 and 2, and BitTorrent. Would never go back to Kazaa! :d Just try for yourself! go www.shareaza.com!

you are stupid. gnutella sucks, gnutella 2 sucks, usenet sucks, bittorrent sucks, overnet sucks, edonkey sucks, emule sucks and warez ftps suck! they all suck, are slow, inefficient and/or have no 0day warez. the only real deal is irc for 0day stuff and fasttrack for dvdrips and music in high quality. 3.7 mio peopz right now in my kazaa lite, more than ever. RIAA, go get a life. and all of you go babble here about BT, go learn how the internet works
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IRC is fine EXCEPT for the fact that it takes FOREVER once you are in “a queue” to connect and then it takes FOREVER to download since a lot of the server admins “cap” the download speed. I will admit that I am “quite a n00b” to the whole IRC thing, but I downloaded a CD a few weeks back that I was missing to a game I have and finally snagged it after 13 hours. While I really can’t complain since I did get it, I just wish it was sooner since I was quite anxious to play this game…COD :wink: For the “larger” files, IRC is quite nice if you have the patience. For the smaller stuff, I use BT or Kazaa.

kazaa lite is still workin fine for me not impressed by shareaza ESV needs a lot of help BT is sweet, except for the less-than-stellar front-ends emule/donkey is getting better IRC is for elitist dorks who have nothing better to do than babysit a download we all agree though, that there should be a lean adware/spyware-free fasttrack client

ftp/fxp is great when you know he right teams ! :wink: