Kazaa lite sharing

I have found on several ocassions that when my computer become idle, that I suddenly have a full page of uploads whilst using Kazaa Lite. I find this strange as due to bandwidth restrictions I have my sharing limited to a maximum of 2 downloads at a time.

can anyone help or is this a common problem with kazaa lite.


Theres a few problems like that with kazaalite.

I had a problem when i changed over from kazaa to kazaalite with my share files.Any programe that i had started downloading using kazaa but finished in kazaalite would stay as a dat file.

Any one else with any problems they have had please post.

Yeah i had the same problem as G O excapt it was when i started KaZaA lite, i to had limmited maximum symaltanious uploads to 2, but about a second after it connected i had a page full of people d/loading from me not just 2!, so i restarted KaZaa lite and reset all the settings several time and still the same result :frowning: so i turned file shareing off :frowning: that was about 4 days ago and i havent tried again since.

I just turned file shareing back on again, and it seems to be fine again :slight_smile: