KAZAA LITE & RIAA Music Lawsuit Spree Questions

How do you tell if your using the Kazaa Lite version that they can track or is everyone now tracked regardless? I have used kazaa before but am imune to being prosecuted for downloading music since I may have downloaded half a dozen songs in the last 4 years. What about anything else downloaded? Anything you ever downloaded is now tracked, or will be in the future… So much for the freedom the WWW used to offer. It is truly no longer a WWW but a Cybernet. Cyber means to lead or steer in Latin. The government is assuming control over our lives on the internet and as in Terminator III it is becoming more like Cyberdyne Industries. I can see that I will be lamenting too awe struck teens in my old age how free the internet used to be. I have known this would happen but it sure is happening faster than I expected. I would love comments on this and an answer to my question about kazaa Lite. Is there a way to tell if you have the version of Kazaa Lite that serepticiously shares your download history? Mine is a version that is rigged to allow me to seem like a master user with over a thousand shared files but I have shared none, lol.

Based on the news I’ve seen on the various sites beating this issue to death,there are some very simple ways to lessen the likelyhood of getting sued:1) Don’t have a large number of files in your ‘shared’ directory(around 1000),2) Disable sharing altogether,although this defeats the purpose of the whole file-sharing credo,it’s better not to share than get sued. There are many bolder people who continue to share no matter what,and these same people put themselves at risk. 3)When you download files,copy/paste them to an ‘unshared’ folder,and delete them
from the folder attached to the software (the shared folder). These reasons should help,but ,just as in life,there are no guarantees…Good Luck :cool:

Well, now I am pretty certain that I am not at risk since I did all that stuff before all the news about people getting sued and tracked with spyware etc. However I was thinking that some database out there keeps a record of everything downloaded by everyone not just keeping an eye on what is in peoples shared files folder. I suppose that is what we will be hearing about next and that would really be scary!

Hobbit,the only database that would collect that info would probably be your ISP,since they can monitor your internet usage.
Most ISP’s don’t want to co-operate with the RIAA because their
PAYING user’s privacy is at stake. I stopped downloading a long time ago because I think if you’re getting something for free when you should be paying for it,it’s making someone angry,and so on,and so on,and so on…