Kazaa lite k++

i have xp pro with service pack 2 and is very difficult for kazaa to connect how i do that i’ve disable the windows firewall and my own antivirus program and allow all connection for that program but it just says connectiing and nothing happend can you please help me cause i really like this program

Kazza Lite Ressurection not Kazza Lite K++ that is extemly outdated and the nodes whould not work. Go here http://www.filesharingplace.com/downloads/kazaa_lite_resurrection.php
and download
below that will be
KLR Patcher
Get them both and install and use them properly and you now have Kazza Lite. If you have problems PM me.

hi id33k and thanks for the files my kazaa is now working . :slight_smile:

Hi, I have used kazaa lite and now klr for the past 5 yrs. I installed the patcher just after it came out, and it really messed mine up bad! Mine was working, then I installed the patcher. (I figured it was an updater) My pc stopped connecting at that point, and it kept locking up doing nothing at all. My system uses win xp pro, sp2 so I ended up uninstalling it all, and running straight klr oo76f. Works fine now.

Why do you have to inflict pain on youselves with kazaawhatever when you can use frostwire/limewire? Just as simple, doesn’t require tinkering, good speed and availability. I just don’t get it.