Kazaa Lite K++ shut down by Sharman for copyright infringement

I just posted the article Kazaa Lite K++ shut down by Sharman for copyright infringement.

 It was just a matter of time I guess. According  to K-lite forum moderator "RatFaced" the Kazaa Lite K++ project has been shut down by Sharman Networks on grounds of copyright  infringement. The...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7285-Kazaa-Lite-K-shut-down-by-Sharman-for-copyright-infringement.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7285-Kazaa-Lite-K-shut-down-by-Sharman-for-copyright-infringement.html)

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We will miss you K-Lite. Hope to see you again soon … :c

i hope it keeps working , even though they shut down the website

Well, as many of you already know, there was a hack that would not allow the Kazaa and Grokster software to display these ads and popups… I believe it was called cdclint.dll… In anycase, the primary reason I use Kazaa Lite is because of its hacks (AviPreview, Download Accelerator, huge searches, share level hack, etc)… These options made the program great and Ill continue to use it… I doubt that it will ever stop working…

The issue in my view is a matter of irony…Kazaa which since its inception promoted software piracy through p2p (albeit unofficially) now claims that its own copyright has been violated and expects ppl to do something about it. Anyway… The software itself is based on an older kazaa version. If they want to kill kazaa lite for good they would have to update the network to block that old kazaa version and dll and if they do so a number of legit users who havent upgraded will be upset. They werent going to get people to pay $30 a year for their own “Ad Free” version while people could get kazaa lite for free…this was an inevitable move

Kazaa Lite ++ is working just fine. :stuck_out_tongue: Just turned it on and everything’s as usual.
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Anyone got a good network to recommend if they do stop kazaa lite working? eMule is ok but doesn’t seem to have as much stuff on as kazaa

Since KaZaA is a decentralized network, KaZaA Lite will continue to work. Emule isn’t meant for small downloads btw, that’s why you might not find as much stuff on there as on KaZaA.

“Since KaZaA is a decentralized network, KaZaA Lite will continue to work” That’s right ! :wink: Morpheus is the 2nd biggest > http://download.com.com/sort/3150-2166-0-1-4.html?

they shut it down but i bet you can still find it on the kazaa network. Ah kazaa is crap anyhow

Bad deal. I’m not even so much concerned about K++ getting ended because the whole fasttrak network has gone to crap anyways, but I really liked KazaaLite Codecpack and Real/Quicktime Alternative, they were some nicely made stuff. Oh well, I hear people flocking to WinMX.

Anybody know where I can get the last version of Kazaa Lite?