Kazaa infected with (harmless) worm

I just posted the article Kazaa infected with (harmless) worm.

inssane and Marvin used our newssubmit to tell us that a worm uses the Kazaa file exchange P2P network to spread itself. The worm hides on the infected computers shared files and becomes active…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3885-Kazaa-infected-with-harmless-worm.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3885-Kazaa-infected-with-harmless-worm.html)

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I wish these folk would naff off and leave well alone. They’re all sad little f*ckers with no human friends to keep them company. How sad is life that your only pals are a keyboard, mouse and a sad little program called a worm(!) or a virus(!!)? Oh well… Keep smiling… if only to hide the fact that you’re feeling down. :4

Maybe this is some new strategy of the music companies :wink:

well…if people dont get it… GET OFF KAZAA !! I mean, havent you guys learn anything? It uses your computer to calculate stuff from some company noone knows… It constantly tries to go onto the internet (My friend was complaining that it always was trying to go onto internet… I installed adaware- problems fixed)… :slight_smile: that was just my little rant


Well, I use Audiogalaxy for music filez and Edonkey2000 for movies :slight_smile: Never USE KAZAA!!! :4

What do you use for software then? Well just last night I was downloading some rave music and I looked in the “My Shared” folder and found a .vbs file. Of course I deleted it right away, but it sure makes me think again before downloading something.

It may be harmless this time, true. Now every A$$HOLE with some writing ability are gonna creat some jacked up viruses to ruin what we have going now. Who knows it’s probably the RIAA. Doing whatever it takes, acting like some cum-guzzling whore. Selling it’s body and soul to make every last cent out there.

I have just gotten this virus IT IS HALMFUL it creats about 2 GB worth of crap files on your hard drive and bogs down the system the diredctory is c:/windows/temp/sys32 there will be about 3000 files this is a pain in the ass…it also makes the pc freez heaps if you have it get rid of it fast