KaZaA claims it can't stop users sharing music

I just posted the article KaZaA claims it can’t stop users sharing music.

More mp3 file sharing news today. In a reaction to the dutch court KaZaa said it is impossible to stop their file sharing sevice. The company was forced to stop users who share illegal, unlicensed…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2898-KaZaA-claims-it-cant-stop-users-sharing-music.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2898-KaZaA-claims-it-cant-stop-users-sharing-music.html)

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We need a Pain in the Ass Group. A group that gives these fucking courts and these music gaints a tast of what we are made of, a taste of Fate if they don’t stop fucking with use, a tast of what is to come. People we need to Unite and create a group of Warriors that will fight the enemy from dark corners and their parents basement, we need an amry of skilled Hackers and Pirates that can harrass and make these Music giants life misarable. We need a army of CdFReaks… NOW WHO IS WITH ME???

one question chalbing What drugs did you use ? :7

Chalbing - Where are You from ? Afganistan? :4

First of all, FUCK afganistan and that little bitch Bin Laden. Now, i am not on any drugs, i don’t work on the weekends and my girlfriend is out of town today, so i am going crazy being board and thought up that Speech, if you ask me it is almost as good as the one william Wallce gave.:7

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Chalbing, you’re right. I read some months ago that the FastTrack is a distributed network, like gnutella. If it is, good, they can’t stop it. If it is not, we need a program as good as Morpheus and using a distributed network like Gnutella :7

Nevertheless Chalbing has a point. We really do need some more like EFF (Electronic Foundation Frontiers). Maybe not as drastic as he points out in his post.

the way i understand it kazaa is a distributed network with no central server, the only problem is the software connects to a server to check your login info before connecting to the super nodes. If the software cant verify the login info it wont let you connect. If you can get software to connect directly to the nodes though you shouldnt have a problem.

:slight_smile: piracy at it’s best.

If you’re worried about losing your partially completed downloads because KaZaA closes, you don’t need to. I was messing around in Grokster (http://www.grokster.com) and you can easily import your partially completed downloads. In fact, all you need to do is mess Grokster up. Here are the steps. 1. Install Grokster. 2. Set the download to folder to the same one that you have KaZaA set up for. 3. Go into my computer and access the folder you installed Grokster to. 4. There should be a folder named “My Grokster” delete it to your recycle bin. 5. Run Grokster. It should import all of the partial downloads that KaZaA had. 6. If you started any downloads in Grokster, just Rester the My Grokster folder from Recycle Bin, and copy everything inside of it to the KaZaA download folder. It worked for me, let me know if you have any problems.


Hi Guys! Concerning the import of old Kazaa downloads I have the following problem to report: I mainly download movies, so the filesizes tend to be rather large and therefore the download times are long. Every time I “Import” Downloads into Kazaa or Grokster, may it be because I had to reformat my HDD or because Morpheus broke down or whatever, the import itself worked just fine! I simply copied the .dat-files into the designated folder, restartet the client and the files were immediately shown in the download list! The Problem is, though, that once completely downloaded the files did not convert into regular files (in this case *.avi), but remained to be temporary “KazaadownloadXXXXXXX.dat” -files. This of course had the effect that I could only watch my movies from within Kazaa and when I closed and restarted Kazaa they were gone for good, since Kazaa has a habit of removing completed files from the listings on shutdown… Anyone got an idea how I can rescue my 60GB of tempfiles into my new harddrive without having them disappear on exit?? Speaking of switching the program… I think it’s bullshit that Kazaa can’t do anything agains people sharing illegal content! We all saw what happened to Morpheus! Maybe they cannot block certain files or restrict downloads to certain registered files, however they can certainly just shut the thing down any minute!! So keep on sharing and get your downloads completed, for the source file might not be there any more tomorrow… :slight_smile: Freak24-7