Kazaa backs plan that could spell an end to the days of free music

I just posted the article Kazaa backs plan that could spell an end to the days of free music.

  Savannah used our news submit to tell us that Kazaa plans to start charging its users  for downloading music through its file sharing service.  This would set  an end to free file swapping...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6859-Kazaa-backs-plan-that-could-spell-an-end-to-the-days-of-free-music.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6859-Kazaa-backs-plan-that-could-spell-an-end-to-the-days-of-free-music.html)

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It’ll just mean we all leave KaZaA and use another network…let’s face it there’s plenty of them…having said that I can’t even remember when I last used KaZaA for anything since I can’t say I’m a huge consumer of music.

Bad move for Kazaa…and nothing will change for users. Probably we’ll have more people on Edonkey/Emule net, and this is GOOD :g

WHAT ARE THEY THINKING… Just because you have 5mil users logged in now means that when you start charging them they wont have them anymore. The minute Kazaa prompts you to enter a CC the amount people who use Kazaa will drop like a rock with lead weights tied to it in the dead sea. Well whats next… cant use bearshare because of memory leaks… edonkey sound like a decent alternative… I guess Ill just have to keep an eye out the next encrypted one that way I wont have to use the anonymous proxy that i use now…

My thoughts exactly! All Kazaa is thinking about in their infinite stupidity & greed is making money and not about what we’ll happen when they charge $$ for their service. They never used to be like this. Lately they have been getting “commercialized”. Sounds like to me their doing “backroom deals” with the scum of RIAA & alike. Here’s my epithet for them, “You will eat the excrement of the people” “Long live free music,software,everything.”

anonymous proxy, good idea. Which one do u recommend?

Ehrm,excuse me…whats Kazaa???:):slight_smile:

Charge my ISP ? CHARGE MY ISP?! It’s time for netstumbler… It’s time to park in front of some nameless person’s house who happens to have a wireless network, and download like CRAZY… Let’s them have the headache of attempting to explain to their ISP that it wasn’t THEM who downloaded anything. Freaking morons.

so when i go round my mates and he burns me some music who do i make the cheques payable to?? plebs!

If Kazaa were to charge, then this means that the Kazaa service actually has a server, or has something similar to ed2k with the hashes, which I don’t recall them having a server, or hashes, otherwise they would be charging you to download from some random jerkoff who renamed all his files. This effectivley changes Kazaa from a P2P network, with users sending files to users, to a typical download site, with a server sending files to users. That is, unless, they use BT…shhhh…

Oh I can’t wait until I get a bill for stuff I didn’t download because someone spoofed my IP. Morons.

There is always emule :g

I can see the kazaa users fleeing as if the network had suddenly developed anthrax…:X

Sherrif: That should have happened already, when the RIAA started sending lawsuits out to children and old people. Anyone worth their salt would not have been using that P2P system in the first place due to the quantity of spyware injected when the client is installed. :d

please, eMule is already waaaay better than Kazaa. IMHO only morons and newbies use kazaa. :stuck_out_tongue:

Newsgroups all the way.

eMule has better selction but it’s speed is quite dismal compared to kazaa

I second that :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm… I wonder if all we do is serve and don’t download any files, will we get credit towards our ISP bill? hehe

yes, p2p is an advantage, but frankly, i don’t think it deserves the credit it gets. kazaa especially. these bastards have the nerve to start charging you to infect your computer with spyware (if cydoor, altnet, and savenow haven’t driven you up the god damn wall by now, i don’t know what the fck will) and not guarantee the fbi won’t track their users down. no thanks, pal, i’ll stick with knowing my sht and getting what i want myself. all you p2p users tembling at the thought of expanding your horizons to, maybe, ftp and actual reliable sh*t like that, go here: http://www.slyck.com and dose up on some more p2p programs while kazaa starts digging it’s own grave. but take my word for it and drop it. you guys can do better