KaZaa alternatives

Are there any good alternatives to KaZaa?
I have found that it is very slow, and tend to take an age to search.
I’ve heard about Refo-search but cannot find a download link.
Is there a better sharing network to be on.

just looking for a better alternative.

I have found WinMX to be very good.

my New Years resolution is 800x600

the link for refo-search is on http://download.cnet.com/ and there you can find it, succes

i found the file refosearch.zip on morpheus, you can try that better too(or on kazaa as well)

Download morpheus…exact copy

I’m a very happy user of Grokster


review: http://www.cdfreaks.com/document.php3?Doc=46

I was using Kazaa and Grokster.

Now Morpheus is the current favoriute, it looks just like

Now Morpheus is the current favoriute, it looks just like

Is it any different from kazaa with a different opening graffic and homepage?

Same layout, same network, same features, etc.

Originally posted by SirDavidGuy

Is it any different from kazaa with a different opening graffic and homepage?

Same layout, same network, same features, etc. [/B]

Yes, no spyware. (That’s what they say about it) :smiley:

I would really like to find Refo-search as the link on Cnet doesn’t work and I haven’t had anyluck on KaZaa searching with the Keywords refosearch.zip, the home page seems to been closed.
I’ll just pod along using KaZaa and the like for now.
Thanks to all for the replies

Please could someone give me a working link for Refo-Search. I have heard wicked things about it but at current i have not been able to find it!


Here is a link I found if you want to download refo-search

Cosmicray :slight_smile:

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Forget that last post the link only d/loads a part of the program here is what else I have found.

Thank you all for making it possible.

Dear refosearch fans,
I am very sorry to have to say this to you, the user, but I pulled the plug on refosearch. Why? Because it was just a temporary experiment by me and The Feigling Crew to show people who are interested in the full potential of a trading system, if it wouldn’t have any limits, spyware, banners and other stuff. However, due to the massive amount of interest in this subject for the end user it got WAY out of hand.

We even ended up on CNET, which was not the plan. You can read that story here, of course I was somewhat proud of that but started to think. Why all this interest? Of course, because of the superb speed refosearch uses, illegal software is bound to be traded with it. Even though I told the users NOT to do this, I fear that some may do this.

I was somewhat disappointed of this, and being a software developer myself I couldn’t get round this fact. I programmed this purely as an experiment, to learn some more coding. I pulled the plug because I don’t want to infringe copyright-laws, nor that of good artists, nor that of software developers. This wasn’t what I had planned. If someone wishes to go more indept in the refosearch project then you’re all free to mail me. I’d be more than happy to give you some of the details to learn more about a file trading system, although I strongly encourage you to NOT violate any laws. As for me, I ended this project for myself, I learned a lot from it and like to thank everybody for this experience. I’d also like to encourage other software developers of trading systems some way to stop illegal software from being spread this way. Piracy is theft.

I also hope this project encouraged the makers of spyware to STOP developing Spyware. Since they put the end users PC in harm. Spyware is also theft, theft of privacy.

A couple of notes:

This software was for educational purposes only, it was an experiment from the maker to show you, the viewer, the full potential of a sharing system with no limits, no banners nor any spyware. It was not meant for the trading of illegal software, movies or music. Therefore, the programmer of Refo-search can not be held responsible for what it’s used for. The use of KaZaa/Morpheus servers was purely experimental.

The project has now ended.


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Hi people,
As you may have noticed Mirrorman has pulled the plug on RefoSearch :(, all information can be found @ http://www.mirrorman.nl. Now I have never had a chance to test RefoSearch on my computer, it would never connect and if anyone knows how to pass this, could you please post it as i really want to see the difference between the to (RefoSearch & KaZaA), I am thinking about continuing where mirrorman left off but im not quite sure yet, thankyou for your time.


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I have windows xp and i can’t get refosearch to work. At the bottom it says connecting but doesn’t work. Morpheus works though