Kaspersky offers U.S. government access to the source code of its antivirus software


Originally published at: http://www.myce.com/news/kaspersky-offers-u-s-government-access-source-code-antivirus-software-82036/

Russian antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab wants to provide the United States authorities access to the source code of its antivirus software, CEO of the company Eugene Kaspersky announced today to The Australian.


This about protects as much as this government is leaking all over. One more reason why Kaspersky is fast becoming not used anymore.


I understand the point of providing the source for their AV, that is standard practice and pretty much expected from any company that wishes to do business with the government, especially when dealing with sensitive data. And hereby lies the problem, and the absurdity of the situation where the US government is for whatever reason even considering using an antivirus software developed by an enemy, even worse Russia, clearly that is what we need in the midst of all the scandals with that country.

It may well be true that Kaspersky won’t be brazen enough to include a backdoor to spy on the US government (although I wouldn’t trust them anyway) but that’s beside the point. It should be a matter of principle to use American made antivirus software in the computers of the American government, there is certainly plenty available and as good or better than Kaspersky.

Oh and they should consider moving away from antivirus to a system that actually protects the computers and network, but that may be too much to ask from government institutions…